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Navigating NDIS Plan Reviews: A Quick Recap

If you assumed that once you receive an NDIS Plan it's locked in and can't be changed, you're not alone. 

But in actual fact, when your current plan doesn't work for you anymore, you can ask the NDIS to change it. This is called 'requesting a review.' 

So what happens if a plan isn't right and you want to change it?

This quick 90 second explainer video with Provider Choice's Co-Founder and Head of NDIS Innovation, Jonathan Salgo, provides a quick, high-level overview of the key steps to consider when requesting a review.

HubSpot Video


Interested in learning more about Plan Reviews?

Our team has compiled a handy guide for you to help you master the review process. See how it works and what your options are by downloading our 8-paged guide on Navigating NDIS Plan Reviews here.

Free NDIS Guide Navigating NDIS Plan Reviews


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