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Labor’s contribution to the NDIS (so far): A quick 101

Australia’s new Federal Labor Government has proposed a host of positive changes to the way the NDIS operates.

So far, there are two promising major developments.

The first, a six-step plan aimed at improving the way NDIS participants interact with the scheme and access supports.

The second is that the NDIS is now an official cabinet portfolio. As a cabinet portfolio, it is the dedicated area of responsibility for a specific minister. This new Minister for the NDIS is Bill Shorten who oversaw the introduction of the scheme.

Like all things, we’ll have to wait and see what comes from these developments but there are indicators that the future is looking positive.

Read on for more details on the six-point plan and what the future could hold.

The Labor Government’s six-point plan

The six-point plan is designed to make sure that all Australians on the scheme have a ‘fair go’ by improving the NDIS from the inside out.

The points are:

  1. Introducing an expert review to make sure NDIS plans aren’t unfairly cut.
  2. Ensuring participants get more value for their money by reducing waste, including fraud, the use of lawyers, and high-paid consultants.
  3. Streamlining NDIS planning, so it’s easier for NDIS participants, their families, and carers. They’ll also make it easier for people to appeal decisions they don’t like.
  4. Hiring more permanent staff at the National Disability Insurance Agency and improving the organisation’s culture.
  5. Seeking feedback from NDIS participants and others in the sector so any changes to the system meet the needs of people with disabilities. This includes increasing the number of people with disabilities on the National Disability Insurance Agency board.
  6. Improving access for people with disabilities in regional areas who have trouble finding the services they need.

Now what?

Change and reform to the NDIS is important as we look to create a more equitable experience for Australians with disability. The six-point plan offers real promise in making that a reality.

Now, it is simply a matter of holding the Albanese Government to their word and expecting concrete progress against each of these points - something we look forward to seeing.

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